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photowalk……. it was 23 August 2008…. Flickr-based group Bangladeshi Photographers (BP) organised the Bangladesh leg of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk…. thats the first time we heard of the word “photowalk”…. before this we didn’t have a specific name for such events…. thanks to Scott Kelby, we got marked on the map and became part of a much larger photo community…. from 2009 onwards, this Worldwide Photowalk was organised in Bangladesh by Through the Lens: Bangladesh (TTL) group of Flickr…. the word “photowalk” has now become a generic name in Bangladesh…. all the online groups in Bangladesh now use this word…. and such ‘walks’ have become one of the most important tools behind practicing photography among the photo enthusiasts…. Kelby’s photowalks have also become extended through the incorporation of overnight-staying, and have turned into photo-safaris…. today these events have become the most popular activities among the photographers in Bangladesh…

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