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firm at the wheel….. traditionally made motor launches are the most important passenger ferries on the internal waterways of Bangladesh….. the hundreds of rivers criss-crossing the small country are still a very important communication medium for a large section of the population despite huge investment in the roads and highways sector over the last two to two-and-a-half decades….. dying rivers due to building of dams by neighbouring country India on common rivers and lack of funding to dredge the rivers are the most important reasons behind the decline of the river routes….. but there is still no sign of these river routes getting totally out of place any time soon….. ‘MV Sundarban-9’ is one such vessel that connects Dhaka with the southern town of Patuakhali….. it has an approved capacity to carry 890 passengers…..

the photo was taken at Wiseghat, Dhaka, Bangladesh; 19 August 2014

Panasonic Lumix LX-5

anchoring the future…. the country’s shipbuilding yards are gearing for a major thrust in the coming years…. even though the sector suffered from severe shortage of orders during the European economic crisis period, local demand pushed the companies through…. the sector has become a major import substitute for Bangladesh….. Ananda Shipyard was the builder of this inland landing station at Ashulia, on the northern edge of Dhaka City…. the country’s future is likely to be strongly tied to this sector in the coming years….

the photo was taken at Ashula, Dhaka, Bangladesh; 03 August 2014

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twilight is still far away…… Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation (BIWTC)’s ancient paddle steamers still bear the burden of passenger transport in the river routes between Dhaka and the southern parts of the country…. its not that there aren’t any other vessel available to ply those routes…. there are now an abundance of privately owned vessels that serve the people of the southern areas….. but BIWTC, with their limited resources, thought that it was probably more economical to keep the old ones operational rather than buying new ones…. even though BIWTC received a couple of brand new vessels recently, the Corporation’s Public Service Obligation (PSO) would mean that these floating fossils are likely to remain in service for a few more years….

the photo was taken at Badamtoli Rocket Ghat, Dhaka; 19 August 2014

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pile up the woods!!….. population pressure has led to the severe dwindling of natural forests in Bangladesh…. the ongoing effort is now to keep at least some form of wood covering over the country, be it nature’s creation or man-made…. but more depends on the combined effort of the population to conserve forests and to accelerate re-forestation…. as long as wood branches would create piles like these, its going to be difficult to achieve such goals…. yet, hope is there, which binds everyone together…. at least some people are beginning to realise the importance of the green…..

the photo was take at Gabtoli, Dhaka, Bangladesh; 06 August 2014

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it comes naturally….. you really don’t need an artist’s brushes to paint a colourful skies this time of the year…. its Autumn… so, expecting a colour-fest in the heavens almost on a daily basis now….

the photo was taken at Basila, Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh; 01 September 2014….. oh, the flags in the picture?…. those are battered Argentine and Brazilian flags still flying long after the expiry of the craze called World Cup Football….

Panasonic Lumix LX-5