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never go out without the light…… available light is what you make available to yourself….. I titled this picture “womanhood”…. a very personal story…. 2011 March…. we traveled to Sylhet…. family tour…. still went through with some photos…. portraits mostly….. I didn’t really think that I would come back from there with one of my favourite portraits….. sometime it just doesn’t come in a planned way….. you just have to grab your chance when it comes…. I tried to portray what I saw and felt about the environment….. it wasn’t all spontaneous…. it was a set-piece… yet, had to portray what it really was like…. I couldn’t move away from the real story….. I used artificial lighting mixed with daylight…. but more importantly, the mood in the photo wasn’t possible at all without artificial lighting….

I took my chances with the lights because they were available with me and I had enough time to set-up and adjust…. but it just shows the power of artificial light…. there was a time when I used to be afraid to use a flash…. now, I can hardly think of going anywhere without a flash…. my thoughts changed….

it was nearly a craze at that time…. 2009-2010…. we became ‘strobists’, shooting with off-camera flashes… and we didn’t have to work too hard to create a community…. the outputs automatically pushed the community forward…. but something happened down the line which gradually made the community disappear…. it wasn’t just the fun…. it was the friendship that resulted from those activities that I miss the most…. after all, its the memories that matter…. we chew on to those for many years to come…..

through all that glitz…… Dhaka is in a new look again…. this time for the ICC World Twenty20 Cricket 2014…. this new look isn’t quite as much as we had seen before, but its still something to enjoy….. the previous occasion when Dhaka looked new was during the ICC World Cup Cricket 2011…. the passion was different at the time….. that opening ceremony was considered as something of a national achievement!…. but this time onwards, the mood isn’t quite there….. we had seen thousands of people on the streets of Dhaka the day after the opening ceremony of that World Cup…. there was no match on the day, yet people we celebrating!!…. Twenty20 World Cup isn’t as big an event, but still, its big enough for a country like Bangladesh….. hence these decorations…..

the tournament opened on the night of 13th March 2014 through a concert…. so, it would be a bit tough to call it an opening ceremony…. and that too was dominated by foreign artists, which didn’t really present Bangladesh as the host of the big event…. our National Cricket Team also isn’t in particularly good form before the tournament…. and also, we shouldn’t forge the recent political turmoil that tore the country apart…. all these combined stole the mood of the citizens, which was visible…. the glitz on the streets still looked a tad shabby with the absence of enthusiasm….

anyway, there were still many people stopping their cars roadside to take a few clicks in front of the lighting…. I mostly did videos from the moving vehicle…. hoping to upload those at some point in time…..

all photos were taken on 14 March 2014 (the night of the opening concert) with a Panasonic Lumix LX-5

18 February 2011…… it was three years back when Dhaka went into absolute frenzy!!…. it was as if we’ve won the World Cup!!…. truly, it was hard to believe what we had seen on the streets…. there was no cricket match; no result; no nothing….. yet, people didn’t want to leave the streets….. they were out in their thousands…. the organising of the ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 was seen as something of a national achievement…. for the people of a country that is more used to seeing negative news, it was a gift from the heavens!!

I write these words when Bangladesh is again on her way to hold a big cricketing event…. ICC World Cup Twenty20 2014…. this time the emotions would probably be different…. so would be the decorations around the country…. but when we talk about emotions, can we really predict it?

it was one of those good old days….. 1st of August 2008….. we used to go out with our camera on a regular basis….. life was hardly there without that machine making some noise…. one of our photo-mates, Neaz Ahmed, proposed a night shoot inside the city of Dhaka…. it didn’t sound that sexy, yet it was still interesting enough for us to go out…. somehow any venture looked feasible and outcomes also looked sexy…. anyway, the idea was to shoot the Gulshan skyline from the other side of the Gulshan Lake, getting the nicely-lit buildings’ reflections on water…. it wasn’t the most interesting of shoots if someone talks about technicalities…. but it was fun….. hanging out with photomates was always fun…. that was a time I used to dare take my film camera with me along with my DSLR…. we captured a position on top of an under construction building early in the evening, and set up our tripods…. missed the twilight time though…. it was all too dark; almost poetic….. the skinky polluted waters of the lake didn’t have an effect on the reflections we were working on…. good thing that photos don’t record anything other than photos!

looking back on those photos, what comes most precious to me are the memories…. but another thing that sticks out is the time value of photographs….. the skyline of Gulshan has changed so drastically since that time, that a new photo there would be totally different….